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Church of St Anthony developed and encourage sense of belonging through Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs). Each parish maps smaller neighbourhood areas where all the Catholics are then given opportunities to get to know each other and form stronger community relationships. Every baptised Catholic belongs to their neighbourhood area (BEC) unless they choose not to.

BECs are giving me permission to say 'hello' to people. It helped me realise that the church is about reaching out to people. It's given me a freedom to approach others and get to know them which is something Catholics don't do very easily. It's made me more confident to say 'hello' and as you hear more people's stories and find out more about them, you can ask about how things are going in their lives.

The whole parish is subdivided into neighbourhood communities where Catholics can meet and get to know each other on their ‘own patch’. Each neighbourhood has a team of people who:

visit 10-12 other households in friendship several times each year;
nurture the network of relationships in the neighbourhood through visiting and neighbourhood gatherings;
gather together for support and faith reflection; and
link the people with the wider parish community.

*Note: For BEC materials, please collect the original printed copy from the Parish Office. 

*Note: You may search your place / area to know which BEC you're belongs too. Refer to ArchKL Boundary Map (Click Here)

St Thomas

B.E.C : St Thomas (San Peng A)

Chairman : Ms. Victoriah

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. Selvanathan

Liturgical : Ms. Mariammah

Youth Leader : Mr. Steven

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs.Thomas

Evangelisation : Ms.Stella

St Theresa

B.E.C : St Theresa (San Peng B)

Chairman : Mr. Richard

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mdm. Maria Puspam

Liturgical :  Ms. Christina Mary

Youth Leader : Mr. Francis

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Stiven

Evangelisation : Ms. Jayamary

St Anne

B.E.C : St Anne (Razak Mansion)

Chairman : Mr. Mario Goretti

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. George

Liturgical : Mr. Percival

Youth Leader :  Ms. Melissa

Catechetical : N/A

Evangelisation : Ms. Rosabel

St Peter

B.E.C : St Peter (Sri Petaling)

Chairman : Mr. Truman Lourdes

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Ms. Clare Michael

Liturgical : Ms. Felicia Robinson

Youth Leader : Ms. Mary Robinson

Evangelisation : Mr. & Mrs. Nesan Dennis

Catechetical : Ms. Maria Yee

St Augustine

B.E.C : St Augustine (Desa Petaling)

Chairman : Mr. Winston John

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Ms. Veronica Moses

Liturgical : Ms. Elizabeth

Youth Leader :  Ms. Maria

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Moses

Evangelisation : Ms. Caroline

St Joseph

B.E.C : St Joseph (Bukit Jalil)

Chairman : Mr Daniel Savio

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Ms Anne

Liturgical : Mr Richard

Youth Leader : N/A

Catechetical : N/A

Evangelisation : Ms. Filomena

St Anthony

 B.E.C : St Anthony (Bdr Baru Ampang)

Chairman : Mr. Jude

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. John Karandan

Liturgical : Mr. Francis

Youth Leader : Ms. Sherene Michelle

Catechetical : Mr & Mrs Arokiaraj

Evangelisation : Mr. Jammie

St Michael

B.E.C : St Michael (Kg Indah)

Chairman : Mr. Michael

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. Harisson

Liturgical : Ms. Christina Susan

Youth Leader : Ms. Josephine Mary

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Alex

Evangelisation : Ms. Jacqueline

St Jonah

B.E.C : St Jonah (Ampang Campuran)

Chairman : Mr. Jothirajan

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. Patrick

Liturgical : Mdm. Margaret Malar

Youth Leader : Ms. Reena Mary

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Winston Rajah

Evangelisation : Ms. Andrea

St John

B.E.C : St John (Taman Kosas Area)

Chairman : Mr. Nithiyarajan

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. NR John

Liturgical :  Ms. Emima

Youth Leader : Ms. Sabreeta

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Pusparaj

Evangelisation : Ms. Audrey Anne

St Francis of Asisi

 B.E.C : St Francis of Asisi (Seri Nilam Area)

Chairman : Mrs. Jasintha

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. Arokiasamy

Liturgical : Mrs. Mesilla

Youth Leader : Ms. Sherine

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Felix

Evangelisation : Ms. Suzane

St Jude

 B.E.C : St Jude (Tasek Permai 1)

Chairman : Ms. J.S Mary

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. J.S Dass

Liturgical : Mdm. Elizabeth

Youth Leader : Mr. Ezekial

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Dass Pakiam

Evangelisation : Ms. Crystal

St Matthew

B.E.C : St Matthew (Tasek Permai 2)

Chairman : Mr. Alexander Ray

Social Concern ( PIHDM) : Mr. Rayiappan

Liturgical : Mr. Gabriel

Youth Leader : Mr. Christopher Ray

Catechetical : Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence

Evangelisation : Ms. Natasha Christie